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We guarantee the tamper-proofing of business-critical data

Our Blockchain-powered plug-in guarantees the trust, compliance, and integrity of your data.


Plug-in ProvenDB and start protecting your data today

Our service quickly integrates with existing technologies - saving you time, money, and increase your opportunity for creating a successful application.


Build a competitive advantage with our cloud solution

ProvenDB enables your business to develop new Blockchain innovations without expensive RnD.

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How ProvenDB works

ProvenDB bridges the gap between database systems and Blockchain, providing you with a proven data storage solution.

Step 1

Step 1

When information is added to ProvenDB, digital signatures are created and posted to the immutable Blockchain.

Step 2

Step 2

These signatures can prove the integrity, ownership, and creation date of your information.

Step 3

Step 3

Promptly identify tampered information, preventing unnoticed modifications to your database.

Step 4

Step 4

Guarantee the integrity of your data, providing yourself with the proof you need.

How is ProvenDB useful?

ProvenDB can be employed for a wide variety of use cases:


Document Management Systems

Protect, manage, and track documents with complete version control. Documents are time-stamped and secured to the Blockchain for posterity.


Legal Record Keeping

Prove the time-stamp integrity and ownership of wills, contracts, court papers, or any other legal document.


Financial and Accounting Systems

An accounting record that is secured on the Blockchain can be rendered immune from malicious tampering or backdating.

Open Lock

Intellectual Property and Media Management Solutions

By combining PKI with Blockchain technology, you can supply a complete digital intellectual property rights solution.


Government and Regulatory Applications

Eliminating counterfeiting and tampering for licenses, certificates, and public records.


Audit and Access Management Systems

Blockchain can be used to eliminate log falsification or tampering of data.

Blockchain Developers

Become a Blockchain developer!

Blockchain technology is poised to take over the way we work. Why not empower your career by becoming a Blockchain developer?

Join ProvenDB and start developing your project with a Blockchain enabled database today!

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