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By default, all versions of a data item are retained. Previous versions of a data item can be superseded, but original versions are never destroyed.

Tamper Detection


Selected versions of the database are hashed upon the blockchain. These versions can be proven to have been created at the specified time and can be proven to have been unaltered.

Point-in-time History

Point-in-time History

The state of a database at any point in time can be retrieved.

Data Provenance


The complete history of any item can be retrieved, showing its initial contents, and the changes made to the document at each point in time.

Introducing ProvenDB

Developing Blockchain applications is time-consuming and error-prone because familiar and well-established database development idioms are not available.

ProvenDB layers on top of a standard database engine adding core Blockchain characteristics to the database. The resulting database respects all usual database “CRUD” operations (Create-Read-Update-Delete) but also provides Immutability, Tamper Dection, Point-in-time History, and Data Provenance.

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How ProvenDB works

ProvenDB can prove multiple documents with a single hash using a Merkle tree. We don’t need a whole tree to prove an individual document that is included in the final hash - we only need the “Merkle path.” Thousands of documents can be included in a single Merkle tree - all anchored to a single Blockchain transaction.

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Architecture Diagram

How is ProvenDB useful?

ProvenDB can be employed for a wide variety of use cases including but not limited to:

Document Management Systems

Document Management

Legal Record Keeping

Legal Record

Accounting Systems


Intellectual Property and Media Management Solutions

Intellectual Property and
Media Management Solutions

Government and Regulatory Applications

Government and
Regulatory Applications

Audit and Access Management Systems

Audit and Access
Management Systems

Blockchain Developers

Be a Blockchain developer!

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